(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. barrier, obstacle; barroom (See drinking); hurdle; legal profession, court, bench; rod, bolt, rail; measure; stripe. See lawsuit, length. —v. forbid; exclude, restrict, reject; lock, bolt, fasten. See exclusion, closure, prohibition. Ant., admit, permit.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A relatively long, narrow object]
Syn. strip, stake, rod, pole, stick, crossbar, boom, rib, jimmy, handspike, crosspiece, spar, pry, rail, ingot, block, cake, lever, pinch bar, wrecking bar, crowbar, shaft, slab, pig.
2. [A counter serving refreshments, especially drinks, or the accompanying establishment]
Syn. saloon, tavern, pub, public house, counter, buffet, barroom, cafe, bistro, cocktail lounge, beer parlor, beer garden, alehouse, fern bar, nightclub, cabaret, restaurant, inn, cafeteria, snack bar, canteen, grillroom, grill, taproom, tap, piano bar, wine bar, rathskeller, brasserie (French), brewery, speakeasy, roadhouse, watering hole*, booze joint*, dive*, barrelhouse*, gin mill*, honky-tonk*, after-hours joint*, local* (British).
3. [A court of law]
Syn. tribunal, judiciary, session; see court 2 .
4. [The legal profession]
Syn. lawyers, advocates, counselors, barristers, judiciary, solicitors, jurists, body of lawyers, attorneys, the legal fraternity, bar association.
5. [An obstruction]
Syn. hindrance, obstacle, hurdle; see barrier .
6. [A relatively long, narrow area]
Syn. strip, stripe, ribbon; see band 1 , stripe .
7. [Raised ground underwater]
Syn. shoal, bank, reef; see shoal .
See Synonym Study at shoal . v.
1. [To raise a physical obstruction]
Syn. barricade, dam, dike, fence, wall, obstruct, erect a barrier, brick up, blockade, trammel, clog, exclude, shut, shut off, block, block off, block up, lock (out), keep out, debar, bolt, latch, cork, plug, seal, jam, caulk, stop, impede, (set up a) roadblock, raise the drawbridge*.
Ant. open*, free, clear.
2. [To obstruct by refusal]
Syn. interdict, ban, forbid, disallow, deny, refuse, debar, repudiate, suspend, segregate, boycott, ostracize, blackball, prevent, preclude, shut out, keep out, exclude, exile, reject, outlaw, condemn, prohibit, discourage, discountenance, interfere with, restrain, stop, frustrate, circumvent, override, except, blacklist, freeze out*.
Ant. allow*, admit, welcome.
3. [To hinder]
Syn. obstruct, impede, interfere with; see hinder .
See Synonym Study at hinder .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. rail or rod stick, strip, stake, pole, shaft, crosspiece, boom, spar, paling.
2. impediment barrier, obstruction, obstacle, constraint, block, snag, restraint, barricade, restriction, stumbling block.
3. pub saloon, tavern, gin mill, cocktail lounge, *watering hole, lounge, beer garden, dramshop.
4. legal system lawyers, attorneys, counselors, bar association, solicitors, barristers, judiciary, legal fraternity.
5. band stripe, strip, striation, ribbon, score, line.
1. stop impede, obstruct, prohibit, hinder, block, barricade, restrict, restrain, prevent, constrain, interdict.
2. bolt secure, lock, seal, close, latch.
3. exclude prohibit, ostracize, ban, banish, blackball, blacklist, segregate, spurn, boycott, shut out, freeze out.
ANT.: 1. facilitate, aid, abet. 2. unlock, open, free. 3. include, welcome, embrace
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. A relatively long, straight, rigid piece of metal or other solid material: bloom2, rod, shaft, slab, stick. See THING. 2. Something that impedes or prevents entry or passage: barricade, barrier, block, blockage, clog, hamper, hindrance, hurdle, impediment, obstacle, obstruction, snag, stop, traverse, wall. See HELP, OPEN. 3. A judicial assembly: court, tribunal. See LAW. II verb 1. To shut in with or as if with bars: confine, lock, wall. See FREE. 2. To stop or prevent passage of: block, dam, impede, obstruct. Idiom: be (or stand) in the way of. See OPEN. 3. To keep from being admitted, included, or considered: count out, debar, eliminate, except, exclude, keep out, rule out, shut out. See INCLUDE.

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